Written by Nicole Delamotte.

Record Rendezvous, Scene Magazine

Scene Magazine

Cellar Door Cleveland at its heart, is an amalgamation of musicianship, promotion, arts writing and much more. The Markerts, who operate the arts space and store from their loft on East 40th Street and Payne Avenue, are flanked by writer Nikki Delamotte and co-founder Rick Fike, who now finds himself working out of Massachusetts. Other writers contribute to the blog, as well, fleshing out the wide array of coverage.

Delamotte brings her excellent writing to the blog, where she highlights local hot spots like the new pop-up Cleveland Flea, offers sharp takeaways on some of the area's finest artistic events and showcases kick-ass local music — as in a recent interview with Rendezvous performers So Long, Albatross

Via Delamotte's outreach work and the rest of the blog, Cellar Door collects more than a decade of personal brand history and distills it into the present day, which, to reiterate, is an exciting time to be getting into local Cleveland music. - Eric Sandy



5 Songs, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Nicole in The Cleveland Plain DealerThis was part of a new series in the Plain Dealer where four locals are asked to submit two songs to a playlist then asked to submit their comments, critiques, and social commentary on the entire playlist. The panel included:

Ryan Kelly, Seafair

Jenna Fournier, NIGHTS

Charles Hill Jr., solo artist and Spacer Aces

Emmet Smith, Plain Dealer Pop Critic


Part one of the series / Part two of the series