Highlights: Cellar Door Cleveland (Aug-Oct)

Written by Nicole Delamotte.

Interview: James Bulloch (Ringworm / Curator) & Loren Naji (Gallery Owner) // Show opens November 2

Featured on Jordan Buckley (Every Time I Die / contributing artist) {here}.

“I invited my high school art teacher to the show. I got Ds and Fs in class and almost didn’t graduate because of it. ‘Do a still life of a table.’ I’d say ‘Nah, I’ll just draw this skull instead.’ Ah, I’ll take the F. It drove her nuts. 20 odd years later, I figure I’ll send her a postcard saying look, here’s a gallery show. And it’s of everyone drawing skulls.”

James Bulloch has a slight handlebar mustache that rises when he smirks. This is one of those moments. {read more}


Interview: Humble Home // In Our Sleep EP Release

Featured on New York City's Fieldhouse Music {here}.

There’s an energy in the room the day before a big show. For Humble Home, it’s in the form of four friends spread out on vintage canary blue couches in the wood paneled basement where they practice, playfully nostalgic about their pre-band days crossing paths at youth groups and Lakewood’s old Hi-Fi venue. Songstress Morgan Mecaskey, who will contribute keys to their performance the following day, sits relaxed on a ledge off near the stairs. Notably gritty and soulful on record, she is accessibly lighthearted here, chiming in only when the conversation drifts to guilty pleasure bands of high school days and the break-up of her and drummer Anthony Foti’s past band Tinamou.

They drink Black and Tans from cans with a laid-back demeanor that does not break. They are gentleman. {read more}


Interview: TurnStyle Films // Debut of Smoke Screen "Smoke & Lasers"

Greeting you at the counter of the west side coffee and record shop Loop is an army green jacket with the words ALL DINOSAURS pinned to the lapel. It’s the cover of the staple Cleveland band’s new release and it was designed by a snappy redhead named Jamie Overstreet, who also serves as one-ninth of the music videographer team TurnStyle Films. She walks downstairs clutching vinyl, an all-female compilation with the main distinguishing quality being a sticker labeling the album ‘goth disco’, a title that can only lead you to imagine the needle drops on a sort of Siouxsie and the Banshees revival. “Why not? This looks fun,” she says to three of her TurnStyle partners – Jon Nix, Yoshi Andrego, Ralph Miller — and it’s clear the statement is less about new-wave discount bin diving and more group mantra-turned-mode of operation. {read more}


Cleveland is for Laughers // Chucklefck Accidental Comedy Festival & Pilot Shooting

It’s unusually hot in the upstairs room that houses the Reddstone stage, an above-the-bar space that incited comedy it-girl Amy Schumer to thank a sold-out audience for inviting her to their grandma’s attic at a show hosted by Ramon Rivas late last year. Two audience members next to me waiting for the show to begin make a well-intentioned R.E.M. pun about the heat  — “Shiny sweaty people.” A row ahead, a young girl attempts to rile up the crowd with suggestions of taking off clothes.

Everyone is a comedian. {read more}



Interview: DJ Eso of KEYEL // Mahall's 20 Lanes Soul Bowl & LKWD Music Festival

Posted up behind the counter of Heart & Sole, Vince Manzano, better known as Dj Eso, switches off the spacey hip-hop serving as the store’s mood music. It’s a thick-as-thieves hot Coventry night, the kind that radiates heat from the hilly concrete of the street and similarly the dark walls of the urban designer boutique Manzano co-owns. Leaning elbow to chin against the table top’s cooled down acrylics in a way that streamlines the CCC initials of his music collective tattooed along his forearm, he looks at his computer’s playlist and starts: "Mahall's is so dope." {read more}