Highlights: Cellar Door Cleveland

Written by Nicole Delamotte.

Over the past few months at Cellar Door I've had the chance to blog about some pretty awesome Clevelanders and music, art, and theatre events. We've also held some great shows at the Cellar Door space -- The Lighthouse and the Whaler, Modern Electric, Humble Home, and The Commonwealth have all played, among others -- and next month Cellar Door co-owner, blogger, all-around nice guy Justin Markert will be presenting at PechaKucha Night.

Chuck Karnak of AllGoSigns talked to us about programming Arts in August -- their first public event since 2009's The Bridge Project. The event lit up Tremont and had an amazing final lineup -- Brian Straw, How to Breathe Underwater, and Filmstrip to name a few.

We were the first to cover Ohio City Writers' new songwriting workshops led by local Cleveland bands, the first being Herzog. Frank Lewis, OCW's director, has been using music to teach kids for years -- specifically Run DMC to the tune of My Adidas.

One of the most fun projects I worked on was a profile of the artists of Rust Belt Monster Collective -- it's not every day your writing involves cowboy wizard spacemen, Where the Wild Things Are, and Social Distortion album covers. Other highlights included interviews with Jesse Sloan of Cherry Cola Champions, who I also worked with coordinating the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest blogs earlier this year, DJ Eso of Keyel {read}, Patrick Ciamacco of Blank Canvas Theatre {read} and Will Hooper and Tim Czajka of Tracy Morgan Freeman {read}.


AllGoSigns: How the Underground Art Event is Redefining Public Space at Arts in August

Staring at a makeshift sketch of over-sized projection screens and whimsical sculptures drawn in a coffee shop, the plans for AllGoSigns’ Arts in August space appear larger than life. Likewise, it can be said the whole has always been greater than the sum of its parts for AllGoSigns itself, a staple of the underground art scene dreamed up by one-man-show Chuck Karnak. It’s a grandiose philosophy Karnak carries with him throughout his work, “AllGoSigns works with artists who are open to the melding of visions,” he says, “who want to create something that’s bigger.” {read more}


Introducing: Cherry Cola Champions

Within minutes of discussing Cherry Cola Champions’ self-titled debut with Jesse Sloan, the conversation has drifted between super soakers, tree forts, Indiana Jones, and a truth we ultimately try to deny: “Sometimes we forget how to be a kid.” It’s the kind of antics you’d expect from someone who spent the past weekend at a gig called I Got Brains Fest, where the two-piece emotive outfit consisting of Sloan and drummer Tony Robinson played alongside a handful of bands Sloan was responsible for booking earlier this year at Weapons of Mass Creation Festival – Into It. Over It., Empire! Empire!, and Hop Along. Like a reunion, he says with a grin that suggests it isn’t the first time he’s referred to a show full of friends this way. {read more}


Meet Your Monsters: The Rust Belt Monster Collective Want to Drink and Draw with You

Tim Switalski likes to tell people the Rust Belt Monster Collective came together to defend Earth from forces of evil. His cohorts may just say it was a matter of chemistry, six artists who got to know each other the old-fashioned way: meeting in the backs of bars and the Beachland Ballroom to reconstruct elaborately costumed, traveling burlesque pin-up models onto paper at monthly Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School gatherings. {read more}


Ohio City Writers: Educating Youth with Cleveland Rock and Roll

Frank Lewis knows that, like all good writing, the devil’s in the details: Run DMC’s blue and black Adidas are to chill, the yellow and green pairs are for when it’s time to get ill. The classic My Adidas remains a mainstay of Lewis’ curriculum, an endearingly down-to-earth introduction to the art of songwriting for the developing ears of his Ohio City Writers students. {read more}